Son of Outsider

“This incredible journey, written in delicious detail by Mike Lawlor, takes us through many breath-taking scenarios in a fascinating and entertaining work, where, no matter what page you open, there is “something for everyone in the audience.”

I have known Mike for over sixty years, beginning with our time in the Brewers’ Laboratory in Guinness and, later, watched him move over into the world of Industrial Democracy with such ease that it looked as if he was born to the role. In retirement, many of us yearn to research our family history, to record for posterity our life growing up, our hobbies and our work experiences. Sadly, very few people follow this through, but Mike was different. He has painstakingly recorded all his life in this work, written in user-friendly terms and easily readable.

For the benefit of his family, Mike has outlined his family history in detail, warts and all. For this, they owe him a debt of gratitude. Then, he follows on with an invaluable narrative on his experiences growing up in Drimnagh. Social historians, and indeed, Dubliners in general will love this section. It certainly brought back many happy memories for me”
– Tony Corcoran

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